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Our talented and motivated team forms the foundation of our success. As we always set new goals and challenges for ourselves, we are seeking new team members to help write our success story. Take a look at our online career portal and become a part of our puzzle!

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Our team

Tarek Kessler

CEO at DP since 2012

Jennie Wåge

COO at DP since 2011

Florian Eckelt

CMO at DP since 2014

Julia Braun

VP Administration At DP since 2009

Jannes Grüneberg

CTO, VP Engineering At DP since 2012

Jonathan Matzker

VP Consulting at DP since 2011

Christian Schlieker

VP Analytics at DP since 2015

Tino Schrader

VP Product at DP since 2010

Online Marketing since 2007

Digital Performance is a dedicated and fast-growing Internet company based in Berlin. We are building the world’s most sophisticated marketing machine in online entertainment. In particular, this includes online marketing services that focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Affiliate Marketing and Media Buying, as well as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and IT Infrastructure.


DP is part of iVentureGroup

Digital Performance is part of the iVentureGroup group. With a focus on marketing and technology, we use our synergies and improve them continuously. An overview of all portfolio companies and the vacancies of corporate group can be found here:iVenture Portfolio